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CurationSoftContent Curation Is The New Web 3.0 

Content curation is the process of sharing information on topics that people do a lot of searching for. It is about giving people concise information, that you have carefully researched and organized into a blog post with your own commentary added.

Here are some interesting content creation and discovery resources that I hand-picked for you while curating this post with CurationSoft.

Content Curation- How To Easily Find Great Content To Share

Content Curation: How to Easily Find Great Content to Share 
http://ift.tt/eZnnjC Fri, 30 Jan 2015 03:00:06 -0800

Social Media Marketing Podcast 130, in this episode Ian Cleary explores content curation, why it’s valuable and tools to make new content discovery easy.

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How To Find Great Content - The Ultimate Guide To Content Curation

How to Find Great Content? The Ultimate Guide to Content … 
http://ift.tt/Q5Ea6w Tue, 06 Jan 2015 05:00:37 -0800

So much content written on the web everyday, that sometimes finding great content to read becomes a challenge. With the onset of different social media tools, discovering awesome content to share with your community is a …

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Blog - Useful tools to help inspire great content (and make ...

Useful tools to help inspire great content (and make you money)
Wed, 20 Aug 2014 07:49:35 -0700

Finding inspiration for great content can be a b*tch. Here are 5 tools to help you through the process. We work with a lot of publishers and if there’s one thing that’s become painfully obvious over the years, it’s that writing great content is not as …

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Tips for Using Facebook to Find Great Content to Share 
http://ift.tt/Qv0MVA Sun, 01 Feb 2015 17:32:55 -0800

You are constantly on the hunt for great content to share on Facebook… So, what if you started looking for that content at the very same place – on Facebook? We’re not just talking about the occasional quote, comic or ..

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Did you know… CurationSoft is an enterprise level curation software that empowers you to find and curate content from Facebook and/or any other source!

CurationSoft V 3.0

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